Getting Here

We're conveniently located in Victoria Harbour on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island. Our location is ideally situated to serve the needs of vessels throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Canada Customs

When arriving in Victoria you must check in at the Canada Customs dock located in the inner harbour. Once docked, a Customs Representative will come to the dock to check you and your vessel into Canada. The telephone number for Canada Customs is 250-363-3339. Canada Customs requests that, if possible, you telephone at least two hours prior to your arrival.


The Johnson Street Bridge

At high tide the maximum bridge clearance is nineteen feet. To have the bridge lifted you must call the "Johnson Street Bridge" on VHF Ch. 12 (156.6mHz) or the 24-hour phone number 250-385-5717. A bridge operator is on duty from 0900 to 1600, seven days a week, except December 25, 26, and January 1.

There is no charge for bridge lifts during the following hours:

  • 0900 to 1600 Monday to Friday 
  • 1800 to 2400 Monday to Friday 
  • 0800 to 1600 Saturday and Sunday

There is a $75.00 Cdn. charge for bridge lifts during the following hours:

  • 0001 to 0700 Monday to Friday 
  • 0001 to 0800 and 1600 to 2400 Saturday 
  • 0001 to 0800 and 1600 to 2400 Sunday 

When there is no bridge operator on duty those wishing the bridge to be lifted must telephone one hour before the desired lift.

The bridge is closed to marine traffic during peak automobile traffic hours 0700 to 0900 and 1600 to 1800 time Monday to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday, the bridge operator is on the bridge at 0800 hours. Following the daily inspection of the bridge, the bridge operator may, upon request, life the bridge prior to 0900 depending on the volume of automobile traffic.

Mariners entering Victoria Harbour should be advised of the Port of Victoria Traffic Scheme.